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The Leading Group of our School Visited Professor Yang Shu

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On June 30, Yao Zhihai, Secretary of the Party Committee of our school, Wang Jinguo, Dean of our school, Zeng Xianghong, Deputy Dean of our school visited and expressed condolences to professor Yang Shu, a retired professor of our school, and extended sincere greetings and high respect to him. The leaders introduced the development status of the school to Mr. Yang Shu, listened to opinions and suggestions from him, and expressed gratitude for his hard work for the construction and development of the school. Yang Shu recalled his work in the school bit by bit, praised the achievements and changes of the school and expressed his ardent expectation for the new development of theschool.

During the visit, the leaders of the school stressed that retired professors are the precious wealth of the school. They hoped that Yang Shu would take care of his health and continue to give advice and suggestions for the development of the school.